Will Amber Heard open an Onlyfans Account to pay depts

In the past few months, the court case between Amber Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp has been the number one topic in almost all media. The American actress Amber Heard is the big loser of the trial. She was sentenced to a high fine, which she probably cannot pay!
There has been some calm in the last few weeks, but Heard's problems with not being able to pay the fine comes up again and again. No wonder that many fans are now wondering if the beautiful blonde might open an OnlyFans account to pay off her debts?

There are already private nude pictures and videos of Amber Heard

Die-hard Fappening fans know that there are already private nude photos and videos of Amber Heard (of course we uploaded them to her gallery). They have been leaked some years ago. So she can't be that prudish!? Who knows, maybe the videos were even made for Johnny Depp! So what would be the problem of making a lot of money with erotic videos and nude photos, paying the fine and walking away as an independent, self-confident woman?
We're sure many of her male fans would love to help her financially and see her naked at the same time. An OnlyFans account would therefore be a win-win situation for everyone.

We can't wait to see how this topic continues. Maybe Amber Heard will appeal first. However, if she really opens an OnlyFans account, we of course will upload the content to her gallery for free. For now the old private nude photos and videos have to last ;)