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Adrienne Barbeau
Date of birth
Jun 11, 1945  (79 Years)
United StatesUnited States
Sign of the zodiac
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Adrienne Barbeau, born on June 11, 1945, in Sacramento, California, is a talented actress and author who rose to fame through her remarkable contributions to film, television, and theater. She initially gained recognition in the entertainment industry through her work on Broadway and as part of the ensemble cast of the groundbreaking television show "Maude" in the 1970s.
One of Adrienne Barbeau's notable roles came in the 1982 film "Swamp Thing," where she portrayed Alice Cable, a government agent investigating a scientific experiment gone awry. While the film did feature some mature content, it's important to emphasize that Barbeau's performance went far beyond her brief nude scene. Her portrayal of Alice Cable was notable for its strength and intelligence, characteristics that resonated with audiences and showcased her acting abilities.


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