Sexiest WWE Female Wrestlers

Lots of WWE fans do not just watch the shows for the muscle-bound men engaging in action-packed fights. A big factor at World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. are sexy women in tight outfits, because the WWE knows for a long time that sex sells!
So there are not only fights between female wrestlers, but also romances with male colleagues. Often they fight over a woman. More cliche is not possible.

Numerous private nude photos and sex tapes leaked

But the female stars of the WWE are not only convincing in the ring. Numerous female fighters private nude pictures and sex tapes have been leaked during The Fappening. Most of the leaks was about Saraya-Jade Bevis. In addition to dozens of naked pictures, some private porn tapes have been released!
But there are also leaked photos and videos of other women from the WWE Universe. Charlotte Flair, for example, with over 15 selfies in which she shows her nude body. Also private content of Alexa Bliss and Melina Perez has been leaked by the hackers.

The question arises whether this is a coincidence or is it wanted by the WWE? Because it is clear that such leaks keep the women present in the media and more men follow what is going on around the WWE.

WWE Divas Naked in Playboy

In addition to the supposedly private content, there are also many female wrestlers who voluntarily show bare skin in Playboy or other magazines. For example, the blonde Catherine Joy Perry, better known as Lana. At the top of that list is perhaps the hottest WWE Diva of all time. Torrie Wilson showed how good her naked body looks in a Playboy photoshoot a few years ago.
Maria Kanellis was also featured in Plaboy magazine in 2008 and impressed her fans.