10 Hottest Female Sports Reporters and Presenters

The TV stations have long understood what men want to see on TV in addition to sports. Hot women in sexy outfits and high heels!
Whether in Italy, Germany, America or Mexico. All over the world, women are increasingly being used as moderators and interviewers. Malicious tongues say that adrenaline-fueled athletes are more receptive to interview requests when they know they are being interviewed by a sexy woman. But honestly, who can blame them ;)

Here are our top 10 hottest sports reporters and presenters:

10. Sara Carbonero

The sexy Spaniard was married to the legendary goalkeeper Iker Casillas for 5 years. But after 5 years of marriage, Carbonero has been single again since the beginning of 2021 and is looking for a new lover!

9. Kate Abdo

Abdo works for the British TV broadcaster Sky Sports News. With her sexy body, she has already coaxed some secrets from male athletes.

8. Katherine Webb-McCarron

Katherine Webb-McCarron not only works in sports, but is also active as a model. Among other things, she has already taken erotic photos for the men's magazine Sports Illustrated.

7. Jimena Sanchez

The sexy Mexican is probably the hottest Fox Sports has to offer. And all fans of the racy Latina can be happy, because there are numerous nude photos of her. Uploaded in her gallery, of course.

6. Marisol Gonzalez

The plump brunette does not just convince with her qualities in front of the camera. In HOMBRE Magazine she let the bare facts speak for themselves and showed her erotic curves. A dream, don't you think?

5. Erin Andrews

Did you know that there is a voyeur video of Erin Andrews in which she was secretly filmed. A stalker drilled a peephole in the wall of her hotel room. You can watch the beautiful blonde walking around naked in the bathroom.
Of course we have already uploaded the video for you!

4. Esther Sedlaczek

The hot German has been working for Sky since 2011 and interviews the players after the Bundesliga games. According to rumors, she is said to have received dick pics and other photos via Instagram from some football professionals.

3. Charissa Thompson

The hot Fox Sports presenter did a nude photo shooting  when she was young. So you can see her plump silicone? tits in her gallery. Awesome tits! In case you're wondering, the photos are not from Playboy, they were created for Mystique Vault, a website that is now offline.

2. Laura Wontorra

The Sky presenter and player woman is a real grenade. The German soccer player Simon Zoller recognized this and married the hot brunette in 2016.
By the way, her father is a real legend in Germany. Jörg Wontorra was the presenter of the sports show for many years.

1. Diletta Leotta

Even without her private nude photos, the beautiful Italian would be way up in this ranking. But the uncensored nude pictures leave us no choice. Diletta Leotta is the hottest of them all. Convince yourself!