Private nude videos of Selena Gomez leaked

A dream has come true. There were already some nude photos of Selena Gomez at the first fappening leaks in 2014, but always without her face. Therefore, it was controversial among fans whether the private pictures really came from Selena Gomez's phone or just show a lookalike.
There is no longer any doubt! Numerous uncensored nude videos of the successful musician have been leaked a few days ago. On one of them you can see how she stands topless in front of the mirror and massages her big tits. Another one shows her topless while sunbathing. Other clips show Gomez urinating in a mug and upskirt in a limo.

Old private videos leaked in 2021

It is not known why the videos are now being leaked in public. What is certain, however, is that they are likely to be older. After the hacker attack on celebrity women in 2014, who would be so stupid as to save such revealing private videos on their mobile phones!? Or is Selena Gomez just a little bitch who likes it when her videos are used to jerk off. Most likely, someone has owned the videos for a long time and they have only just recently been released.
In any case, we are grateful for the videos, of course we have uploaded them, as well as screenshots of the best moments, to Selena's gallery. Have fun!