The Big Band Theory Stars Nude

The Big Bang Theory is about a girl named Penny, played by the sexy Kaley Cuoco who moves into an apartment actross the hall from a group of brilliant nerds. Penny shows them how little they know about the world outsite their physicist laboratory.
All actresses of The Big Bang Theory where unkown before, did you know that Kaley Cuoco has face boobs as well as a made face?

After some time the main character Leonard Hofstadter, player by Johnny Galecki, fells in love with the blond big boobed actress Penny. After some trouble they get together.
Another female character is the smart Bernadette Rostenkowski, played by Melissa Rauch who gets into a relationship with Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg).

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The other female celebs of The Big Bang Theory did not have any nude scenes or leaked pictures. But if Mayim Bialik of one of the other actresses has a topless scene, we will of course update our archiv and add them!