Britney Spears posting nude photos & video

Ever since Britney Spears won a court case against her father Jamie Spears a few weeks ago, the American musician has been happily showing herself naked on the internet.
The lawsuit involved her father's years of guardianship, which even allowed him to control her social media accounts. Meaning Britney could not post what she wanted!

Spears takes advantage of the new freedom that she has now gained and is posting censored nude photos and revealing videos almost every day. Often only emojis cover her bare breasts, ass or pussy.
Without the emojis, her Instagram account would be instantly deleted, who knows how long Britney will stick to that!?

Will Britney Spears open an Onlyfans account to post uncensored nude pics?

A question that many male fans are sure to ask is whether Britney Spears could open an Onlyfans account. Because that's the only way the sexy blonde could post uncensored nude photos without being banned.

At the moment it looks like she's totally freaking out. So would she dare to take this step? Certainly not because of the money, more to shock her family. Right now she seems to be doing everything to break away from her family. She has also broken with her sister Jamie Lynn Spears and sent her a cease and desist letter.
So we can be curious to see in which direction Britney Spears develops. Nobody would object to an Onlyfans account with uncensored nude photos, would you!?