Natasha Bassett - The new sexy girlfriend of Elon Musk

It's been hotly debated for a few days, now it's official. Australian actress Natasha Bassett is the new wife alongside Tesla founder and richest person on planet Elon Musk. They have been seen leaving his private jet together, now they confirmed the relationship.
The beautiful actress had her biggest role in the movie Britney Ever After, in which she also had a hot sex scene with a lot of nude skin! Of course we have already uploaded the pictures to her gallery! According to her Instagram profile, the relationship is of course boosting her fame. She has gained hundreds of new follower, within the first hour after confirming the relationship.

List of Elon Musk's ex-partners

Billionaire Elon Musk can look back on a long list of ex-partners. Musk was married to Canadian writer Justine Musk from 2000 to 2008, they have five sons. British actress Talulah Riley, to whom Musk was married twice, followed.

Musk then dated fappening star Amber Heard for a few months in 2017 before beeing in a relationship with Canadian musician Grimes for three years in 2018. They have a son named,X AE A-XII. And now Natasha Bassett is the woman at Musk's side. We can't wait to see how long the relationship lasts!