Emma Watson paparazzi topless photos on the beach

The French magazine Voici actually published topless photos of Emma Watson. On these photos, the beautiful actress can be seen on the beach. She's wearing yellow bikini bottoms and nothing else! It's the first time we've been able to see Emma Watson face and nude tits at the same time. Her breasts look very nice and firm and she has very erotic nipples.
There is already a nude video of Watson that was made public by the fappening leaks. However, her face isn't part of the video, so there's no guarantee it's actually the actress.

Emma Watson sunbathing topless

The paparazzi photos that have now been released clearly show Emma Watson topless. The hairstyle suggests that the photos were taken in 2020. There are also beach photos from her 2020 vacation in Italy, where Emma wears the same bikini bottoms, but with a top.
The nude photos are a small sensation, because Emma Watson was still considered stuffy to this day. Who knew she was sunbathing topless on the beach!? Good for you! Of course, we uploaded the pictures on her gallery, uncensored and free of charge.