OnlyFans - A modern platform for content creators and real fans

Table of Contents:
How does the OnlyFans platform work?
How much will OnlyFans cost you?
How can you make money on OnlyFans?
The top earners earn up to $20 million monthly
The male world also earns six figures with videos and photos

OnlyFans is a content sharing platform headquartered in London. It was founded by Timothy Stokely in 2016 with the goal to offer users the opportunity to upload videos and photos of themselves to OnlyFans in order to receive money this content. The network is very popular in the adult entertainment industry, as followers can also use it to pay for personal chats with their favorite celebrity.

It is up to you if you want to become a creator or a fan

You can create an account via If you want to be a fan or subscriber, you can easily search and follow celebrity streamers on the home page. If you have found a creator that you like, simply press the star symbol in the profile to connect with them. You can follow your stars and favorite streamers via the newsfeed on your homepage, you will then  immediately receive a message when there is new content by one of them. If you want to, you can simply upload videos or photos to your account, in order to earn money and build up followers. Simply click on create posts to share your videos and pictures with your followers.
You can use this function to build up a large community of followers on OnlyFans: Once you are well known, you can build up an additional source of income. Your followers can react to your posts, photos and videos and even send you chat requests. If followers have subscribed to you on the content sharing site, you can have paid chats with them, including video chats, and earn money that way.

How much will OnlyFans cost you?

Creating an account on OnlyFans is completely free, regardless of whether you are a subscriber or a creator. There is no general subscription, as you know it from other streaming services. As a fan, the costs depend on the individual profiles that you subscribe to. The monthly fee can be set individually by each creator and is usually between $4.99 and $50. Also, creators can run additional promotions or create discounts that will be displayed on their profile page. As a fan, you can also be rewarded for your loyalty with a discount, if you choose a longer subscription than the monthly plan.

Many payment options to make access easy for you

OnlyFans accepts a variety of payment options. You can pay by credit card, GiroPay, SOFORT Banking or even PaySafeCard. Find your favorite payment method in your account and select it under the alternative payment methods tab. Only PayPal currently does not allow subscriptions, as PayPal has an internal policy regarding the payment of adult content.

OnlyFans creators which do not charge money for videos and photos

Approximately 15% - 20% of the content creators on the platform publish their content accessible to everyone. Most of the time, these creators joined the platform only at short notice and want to increase their followers and fans with free content. As a fan, this is a very good opportunity to get an overview of the videos and photos, in order to see what added value a paid subscription gives you.

Increase your subscribers and build up an additional income

How can you make money on OnlyFans?

After your account is verified and you have deposited your payment information, you can earn money through subscriptions with OnlyFans. In order to run everything smoothly, you must be 18 years old and verify yourself with your passport, ID card or driver's license. US users are also asked if they want to post adult content. Now create content on the platform, i.e. videos, photos and posts, then hide them behind the so-called paywall. This means that your followers must first subscribe to see your videos or photos on OnlyFans. To do this, simply go to the menu and edit your subscription price and packages via your profile.
You decide how much your followers have to pay for your videos and photos. You can simply set a fixed monthly fee for your content. Loyal fans pay up to $50 a month VIP subscription to get unique videos and photos of their star. Moreover, there are also other effective ways to increase revenue on OnlyFans: pay per view news and live streams.

Earning money with pay-perview-messages

In addition to the subscription model, there are additional ways to earn money on OnlyFans. With so-called pay per view messages or PPVs for short, you can positively influence your sales and increase them enormously. PPVs are individual content, i.e. photos, videos or messages of you, which you send to individual followers or users. Do you already have some followers on OnlyFans who want to see more from you?

Then send them a private message: Just attach the video or photo footage to the message and click the price tag to set the price your followers will have to pay to see your custom message. Achieve maximum success with private content by sending PPVs to all of your fans. Simply create a PPV for this, set an individual price and send the message to all your subscribers.

Paid live streams to boost your sales tremendously

With paid live streams, you can spend time together with your fans and followers: Decide for yourself what you want to do with them and what your followers are most interested in, because that will determine the price your fans are willing to pay for a live on OnlyFans. The great thing about live streams? In addition to the regular joining prize, your fans can tip you if they are impressed by you and your show.

Many creators earn several thousand dollar a month

According to the operators of OnlyFans, the platform pays out a total of 80% of sales to the creators. Only a 20% commission from your earnings of PPVs, live streams and subscriptions will be retained. OnlyFans works effectively to ensure that fans and followers are unable to save your content, photos and videos!
Non the less, we are able to upload VIP content to our database, so you can access premium content for free. Check out this section for more details!

The top earners earn up to $20 million monthly

The times when celebrities earned some bucks with merchandising are over, because OnlyFans offers all fans and followers the opportunity to be very close to their prominent stars. The difference to other social media platforms? With OnlyFans, your stars can stream premium content that is not allowed on Instagram or Facebook. Numerous celebrities are on the platform and have made it into the top earners with monthly sales in the millions.

Get to know your stars like you can't on no other platform

Corinna Kopf is a German gamer and already had several million followers on Instagram. She made the leap to the OnlyFans platform mainly to unleash her potential and provide her fans with the content they deserve. She already earns one million euros a month and gives her loyal fans and followers particularly revealing insights into her life and home in Munich.

The male world also earns six figures with videos and photos

The American musician and rapper Tyga has over 35 million loyal followers on Instagram, who are now also looking forward to videos and photos on OnlyFans. With his real name Michael Ray Nguyen-Stevenson, he is even the fourth highest earner on OnlyFans. He grants his loyal fans private insights into his current music productions, let them look behind the scenes of performances and private life. With more than seven million dollars a month, Tyga is one of the platform's absolute top earners. He is constantly expanding his success through videos and photos of his work or private parties.

The absolute top earner receives an incredible 20 million dollars a month

Ever heard of Blac Chyna? No? Among the OnlyFans users she is the best known. With a monthly income of an incredible 20 million dollars, she is the sole leader of the platform and, as a 33-year-old influencer, gives her loyal fans a wide range of insights into her private life: shopping, parties and travel. Her monthly subscription fee is $19.99, which is an incredibly high level compared to a monthly subscription from major streaming providers.

A platform to be close to your fans or to start your own career

Summing up what has been said so far, the OnlyFans platform is a perfect example of how to build a solid income. You just have to be willing to give your loyal fans and followers exciting and intimate insights into your life and they will thank you with large subscription payments.
Even as a “normal” user, you will have a lot of fun with OnlyFans and can get started with free content. Find a lot of particularly interesting people you want to follow in order to see private videos or search for your favorite celebs to be particularly close to them.