Pretty Little Liars actresses nude

Pretty Little Liars is an American mystery-thriller tv-series. It is based on the book series with the same name, which was written by Sara Shepard. The first episode was aired on June 8, 2010 on ABC Family.
The series has 8 seasons, the last one will be released in 2017. In addition to that, a spin-off, named Ravenswood, has been aired in October 2013. It has been canceled after only ten episodes due to low ratings.

Pretty Little Liars is about the lives of a clique of five girls, whose life falls apart after Alision DiLaurentis, a friend of the clique, was murdered. A mysterious villain named "A" starts to get in touch with them, without telling who he is. The clique starts to investigate the case and gets into danger itself. Without getting close enough to "A" to identify him.
All of the five girls are very attractive. During the series, most of them have had a hot nude or sex scene. Shay Mitchell for example had a sexy topless scene in Season 5. Lucy Hale and Ashley Benson where victims of the hacker attack called "The Fappening" back in 2014. Several naked pictures of both of them have been leaked on 4chan and Reddit. Of course we got all of them in their galleries.

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Pretty Little Liars is one of the most streamed online Series in 2016. Only Game Of Thrones has had more illegal views on the internet. It is not only watched by young woman also it primary made for them. Troian Bellisario, on of the main actresses, has won the Teen Choice Awards twice. All of the five actresses are the best paid series celebrities.
We are excited if the five sexy ladies will identify the murder of Alision DiLaurentis in the last season or if the series has an opend end. For those of you who have read the book, you probably know the answer, right?