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Emma Stone
Date of birth
Nov 6, 1988  (35 Years)
United StatesUnited States
Sign of the zodiac
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Emma Stone, born on November 6, 1988, in Scottsdale, Arizona, is a renowned American actress known for her exceptional talent and captivating on-screen presence. She has achieved remarkable success in both comedic and dramatic roles throughout her career.
Stone's versatility as an actress was evident in her portrayal of Abigail Masham in the film "The Favourite" (2018), which included a hot nude scene. Her commitment to her craft and fearless approach to challenging roles have garnered critical acclaim and showcased her range as an actress.
In "Gangster Squad" (2013), Stone delivered a memorable performance that included a seductive sex scene. Her ability to convey complex emotions and captivate audiences with her on-screen chemistry is a testament to her skill as an actress.

Regarding her private life, Stone is known to be quite private and tends to keep details of her personal relationships out of the public eye. However, it is public knowledge that she was previously in a long-term relationship with actor Andrew Garfield. Beyond her romantic life, Stone is recognized for her philanthropic efforts and advocacy work, particularly in raising awareness about issues related to mental health.


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