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Meg Ryan
Date of birth
Nov 19, 1961  (62 Years)
United StatesUnited States
Sign of the zodiac
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Meg Ryan, born on November 19, 1961, in Fairfield, Connecticut, is a beloved American actress who made her mark in Hollywood through her engaging performances and endearing charm. She became a household name with her role in the romantic comedy "When Harry Met Sally" (1989), where her memorable diner scene with Billy Crystal has become iconic.
However, there is a small discrepancy in your request. Meg Ryan did not appear in a film called "Presidio" in 1980 or have a nude scene. She gained recognition for her roles in various films, including "Top Gun" (1986) and "Innerspace" (1987), but it was her work in the romantic comedy genre, particularly in "Sleepless in Seattle" (1993) and "You've Got Mail" (1998), that solidified her as America's sweetheart. Meg Ryan's contributions to film and her ability to bring relatable characters to life have endeared her to audiences for decades.


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