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Nikita Dragun (née Nguyen; born in Belgium January 31, 1996) is an American YouTuber, make up artist, and model.Dragun grew up and attended high school in Virginia. It was reported that she started wearing dresses at an early age, but only developed her trans identity when she reached college. In several of Dragun's YouTube videos, she has been open and honest about her transformation from male to female. In a Forbes article, Nikita stated that “I never wanted to nap. I was always mature for my age. I wanted to put on a dress and look cute. Everyone else can nap, but I’m going to be a princess over here! But one day a teacher came over and asked why I was dressing up like this and then she called my parents.” In the same article, she discusses how she knew she was different, but was not able to express herself because she knew she would be bullied or teased. Dragun was accepted to New York University and earned a full scholarship. However, she turned it down and went to a community college instead. When in college, Dragun reported to getting a fake I.D with the name Nicole, and was pleasantly surprised when she passed easily as a female. Dragun joined YouTube in 2013. She stated, “I started to get little brand deals around that time. Even getting free makeup was amazing! I would get paid $10 or $20, and I was so excited! I made it! But I decided I wanted to start a new life in Los Angeles, so I got accepted to FIDM for a degree in business and marketing for cosmetics. I’ve always been obsessed with marketing and media. I always wanted to be a business brand owner. I wanted to create things. That was also when I decided to start taking Instagram and YouTube seriously.” And as of August 2018, she had over 1.6 million subscribers on YouTube. In 2015, by which time she was living in Los Angeles, she came out as transgender. Dragun came out with a video protesting Victoria's Secret's exclusion of transgender models from their shows, which received over 10 million views on Twitter. She was upset that the brand's chief marketing director said that transgender individuals do not fit in the role of being a fantasy. In 2018, she graduated from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising with a bachelor's degree in beauty business and marketing.

In March 2019, she announced a make up line, Dragun Beauty. Aside from the mainstream market, the cosmetic line is also targeted towards the trans community.Dragun has been the subject of several controversies. These include allegations of racism and blackface, as well as her feuds with other Youtubers, including Jeffree Star and James Charles.


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