Celebs by profession: Adult Model

An adult model, commonly known as nude model, is a person who poses half-naked or completely naked for artistic works. One of the best known adult models is Micaela Schaefer.
Adult models take action in different artistic forms. In performing art, adult models are booked for performances or action art. In this specific art form there's a direct relationship between the model and the audience and the model becomes the actual artist.

On the contrary to performing art, there is visual art, where the adult model is posing for paintings, graphics or sculpture. In this art form the model has to pose motionless so the artist can finalize his work of art. The esthetic value is paramount to this art form.
One of the best known adult model shows is the Venus Berlin. Every autumn numerous well known models are performing next to porn stars.

Playmates are adult models

Another field adult models are active in is the erotic industry. In this industry, the adult model has to show off her body and serve as an entertainment factor in order to raise sales figures of magazines and viewing figures of tv shows. A famous example is the adult magazine Playboy or gaming shows where half-naked girls present competitions and animate the viewers to participate.
The porn industry is another popular sector for adult models. Adult models are used to perform sexual acts in order to sexually arouse the viewers. Pictures and movies are used as well as webcams for live shows. Compared to a porn star an adult model does not have sexual contact with another person.