Celebs by profession: comedian

A comedian is person, who makes other people laugh by using language, facial expressions or gestures. Using forms of art like music or painting e.g. are also possible. 

The profession of a comedian is centuries old. In ancient Greece, comedies and comedians were considered as a counterpart to dramas. In medieval times there even was a court jester whose job it was to amuse the royal court. If he failed to make the people laugh, he had to take serious consequences into account.

Nowadays the profession of a comedian is less dangerous and more complex. There are cabaret artists e.g. who are using current socio-critical or political topics to make people laugh. On the other hand, there are stand-up comedians who are performing their own rehearsed stand-up comedy programs over and over again. Those stand-up programs normally deal with personal stories of the comedian and are performed on stage in close contact to the audience. The lines between both types of comedians are blurred.

female comedian are getting more and more successful

A clown is much easier to define because he uses to make people laugh in very trivial ways. His outfit alone, which is often made up of a colorful costume, big shoes and a mask with a big red nose etc., is enough to make people laugh.
Over the last years more and more women are active as comedian. In Germany the beauty Carolin Kebekus is well known, as well as Martina Hill who was part of the ProSieben series Switch Reloaded. The best known international female comedian is Iliza Shlesinger. There are private nude photos of her leaked back in 2016 by the way.