Celebs by profession: Porn Star

Porn stars are people who perform sexual acts with other performers or on their own in front of a camera. Before the internet they earned their money by shooting porn movies or nude pictures. Back then mostly male fans rented those movies in video rental stores.

New generation of porn stars

Nowadays most of the porn stars are active on the internet. They also earn their money by streaming live content via webcam. Users will pay per minute and can interact with the porn star and tell them what they want to see.
Other platforms like MyDirtyHobby enable users to actually meet their favorite porn star and have sex with them while recording a porn video. Of course they’ll have to pay a quite high amount to do so.

Most female porn stars are, similar to famous actresses, from the USA. They are not living and working in Hollywood but in San Fernando Valley, which is located 30km away from Downtown Los Angeles. Despite that, each nation has its own local porn stars. Some porn stars, like the German Actress Michaela Schaffrath a.k.a. Gina Wild, manage to get famous in reality TV-shows after their career as a porn star.
Most of the famous porn stars are females. Only a few male porn stars become as famous as their female co-workers. The most famous porn star worldwide is Jenna Jameson. She retired a few years ago. The most famous porn star right now is Asa Akira, who is of Asian descent.