Celebs by profession: Reality-TV Participant

A reality-TV participant is a person who acts or participates in a reality-TV show. As the name says, a reality show usually illustrates the reality. Known TV formats are Reality-Soaps or Reality gaming shows.

In reality soaps  people are filmed in everyday situations. A popular example is the TV show The Osbournes. In this show a camera team was documenting the everyday life of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne's family. There are also reality shows which focus on documenting the everyday work of people in various professions.
They mostly focus on professions which are dangerous or social jobs which deal with everyday problems. A popular example is the British TV show „Supernanny“.

Well known reality-tv shows

Reality-TV game shows participants are filmed day and night and have to win the viewers favor. Games and competitions are mostly added to raise the entertainment factor and put the candidates in challenging or embarrassing situations. Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity...Get Me out of Here! and The Bachelor are a few of many examples.

Producers of those TV shows always try to introduce interesting characters. That's why a lot of celebrities or former celebrities are also seen in this kind of shows.