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Love Island is a British reality television show that was aired in 2005 for the first time. In the first two seasons, which aired on ITV, single celebrities where contestants. It is presented by Caroline Flack. The celebs spent five weeks on a beautiful island in Fiji. Nine years later ITV2 did a reissue of Love Island. They did not change much of the concept, the only big difference is, that the participants are cast randoms.

With the big success of the dating reality show it has spawned an international franchise, with spin-offs in Germany and the Unites States. Over the years a lot of the Love Island contestants became Instagram models. Especially the women, with their short dresses and slutty behavior, are gaining a lot of attention. Some of them are even faking upskirt and tit slip moments to get some fame from the gutter press.
The winner of the first season in 2015 were Jessica Hayes and Max Morley. Season 5, which aired from June 3, 2019 till July 29, 2019 was the one with the highest average viewers (5.61 millions). Looks like a lot of people want to see more hot bodys and uncensored sex scenes.