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The annual feature the Sexiest Woman Alive is billed as a benchmark of female attractiveness and includes female celebrities worldwide. It is selected every year since 2004 by the magazine Esquire. The male counterpart the Sexiest Man Alive is way older. People magazine publishes it since 1985. The first Sexiest Men Alive was Mel Gibson.

The hottest woman of the world

The first Sexiest Woman Alive was Angelina Jolie. Her ex-husband Brad Pitt has won the male counterpart two times by the way. So far Rihanna is the only non-actor to have won the award in 2011. The idea of the award came up as a part of the "Women We Love" issue.
With two wins Scarlett Johansson can be called the hottest women of all time. Good for us that private nude photos of her leaked some years ago.