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Germany's Next Topmodel is a German reality TV show. Since 2006 it is aired each year for a certain period of time on ProSieben and is presented by Heidi Klum.
The original idea for this reality show is from Tyra Banks. The American model presented the same show in 2003 on American television, only that it was named Americas Next Topmodel. Nowadays there are a lot of adaptations of the same show in different countries all over the world.

The goal of each season is to find a new supermodel. The winner of the show will get a modeling contract and contacts to famous people in the modeling world in order to make the start of her modeling career easier. On top of that, the winner gets material and cash prizes as well as a cover shooting for a popular magazine.
Each week one contestant of the show gets eliminated by the jury of Germanys Next Topmodel. The participant who won't advance in the next round, won't get a picture of herself.

Young nude models

Every now and then, the show is criticized as  being sexist cause the women on this show are forced to take pictures wearing just underwear. In addition to that, some of the participants are not even of legal age. In America and Austria men are also allowed to participate in the reality show. In the German adaption there are still only women participants.