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Two and a Half Men is an American sitcom, aired on CBS. The first episode was aired on September 22, 2003. It is originally about Charlie Harper (Charlie Sheen), his brother Alan (Jon Cryer) and his son Jake (Angus T. Jones). In total 12 seasons with 262 episodes of Two and a Half Men have been released.
After a dispute between Sheen and Chuck Lorre, the producer, CBS and Warner Bros. decided to terminate Sheen's contract. They replaced him with Ashton Kutcher (the husband of Mila Kunis), who played Walden Schmidt, a billionaire who buys Charlie's house after his death.

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The series revolved initially around Charlie, the rich bachelor who is dating different hot women. He has casual sexual relationships with numerous women until he becomes engaged to Chelsea (Jennifer Taylor). His brother Alan is going to divorce over the first season and always tries to fuck as many women as Charlie does. He ended up in a short-lived marriage to Kandi (April Bowlby).
After playboy Charlie's death in season nine the story of Two and a Half Men changed a little. Walden, the new owner of the beach house is going to a divorce like Alan did. He is not the party boy Charlie was, he wants his ex-wife back and does not like casual sex.