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Victoria’s Secret is an American fashion company best know for hot women's lingerie. They do sell other products, like bikinis and swimsuit, but most of the money is earned with dessous.
The brand was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond, who died on August 26, 1993 in Marin County, as a response to borning unerotic packaged underwear. Its the largest American retailer for lingerie.

Victoria’s Secret is best known for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It is an annual runway show with a lot of well-known models who are promoting the newest hot lingerie. During the show a international star DJ is playing music, which makes it to a big media event with a lot of attention. Highlight of every Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show is the fantasy bra.

Victoria's Angels are sex symbols

The first show back in the 1990s where held before Valentine's Day in order to promote the newst lingerie of Victoria's Secret. Since 2001 the shows were moved to november to boost christmas sales.

Over the years many models running for Victoria's Secret, they are also called Victoria's Angels, had become sex symbols. Many of the young ladys only got known world wide because of the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Probably everybody remembers the appearance of Heidi Klum with giant wings and sexy dessous almost flying over the runway.

Lately Victoria’s Secret has become a victim of a shit storm concerning sexism. The question is, how could a lingerie brand promote themselves without hot women? They could sign plus size models for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, but so far, they have not done it, because sex sells.