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Cathy Hummels
Date of birth
Jan 31, 1988  (36 Years)
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Catherine „Cathy“ Fischer-Hummels is a German model and players wife. She was born on January 31, 1988 and married to the German football player Mats Hummels.
She and her sister Vanessa Fischer is Playboy cover star for the German edition in July 2023.


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Cathy Hummels - Former Wag & Playboy star

Cathy Hummels - Former Wag & Playboy star
Table of contentCathy and Mats HummelsEnd of a RelationshipIndependent Power WomanPlayboy nude photosLove and Separation: Cathy and Mats Hummels - A Roller Coaster Ride of EmotionsCathy and Mats Hummels were the glamorous couple in the German showbiz for years. They met in Munich, where they lived together and their exciting love story began. Mats, the well-known football player, and Cathy, an aspiring influencer, quickly found each other and soon became the talk of the town in the gossip press.While

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