Celebs by profession: Moderator

The profession of a moderator exists in various forms on radio and television shows. A Moderator manages conversations in a round of discussions by making sure that every participant gets a similar speaking time. He is responsible for getting the discussion back on track and keeping it going in the right direction. An example for those kind of shows are "Maybrit Illner" or "Hart aber Fair".

In magazin programms and news broadcasts like „Tagesthemen“ or „Exclusiv“ the moderator acts as an announcer for the different contributions. For example the sexy german anchor Judith Rakers. She introduces the contributions and directs from one element of the program to another. Those elements consist out of contributions of journalists or interviews between journalists and the moderator. Those kind of broadcasting formats focus on the guests, informations and not the moderator.

Moderators are celebs

Moderators of entertainment shows on the other hand are the center of attention and are often referred to as showmasters. Popular examples are Stefan Raab who hosted a former comedy  called „Tv Total“ or Thomas Gottschalk, who was the host of „Wetten, dass...?“. Besides moderating, the showmaster hast to know how to be an entertainer by performing stand-up-comedy, acting or singing.
A lot of tv shows are living from well shaped hot female moderators who are guiding through the show. The soccer shows of Sky Sports are one example for such a show. One of the hottest moderators is the italian Diletta Leotta, of whom we are having a lot of nude photos in our databse.

All in all moderators are hosts who attract peoples attention,  whet people's appetite for the program, organize informations, announce contributions and conduct interviews. They impart and supervise the show's topic.