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Verona Pooth, born on April 9, 1968, is a German television personality, businesswoman and former beauty queen. She was born in La Paz, Bolivia and grew up in Germany. Verona rose to fame in Germany after winning the Miss Germany beauty pageant in 1992.

After her win, Verona started her career in television as a presenter on various German shows. She became a well-known face on German TV and went on to host her own show, “Verona’s Welt”. In addition to her television work, Verona has also been involved in several successful business ventures, including the launch of her own cosmetic line.

Verona has been married twice, and is known for her high-profile marriages and her glamorous lifestyle. She has two children, San Diego and Valentino, from her first marriage. Verona is also known for her philanthropic work and has been involved in various charitable organizations, including the “Verona Pooth Foundation” which helps children in need.

In recent years, Verona has become a household name in Germany and continues to be a popular figure in the German media. She has been the subject of numerous interviews and has been featured on the covers of several German magazines. Despite her success, Verona remains down-to-earth and is well-loved by the German public.

In conclusion, Verona Pooth is a multifaceted personality who has made a significant impact on German television and the entertainment industry. With her beauty, charisma, and business acumen, she continues to be a prominent figure in Germany and an inspiration to many.


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