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A politician is a person who is executing a mandate / a political office or someone who is politically active in any other way over a long period of time. Politicians should solve social problems and matters and make mandatory decisions.

Politicians who are executing a mandate should represent the political interests of the people and especially everyone who elected them. This would be considered as an imperative mandate. A free mandate on the other hand means that the politician is free in exercising his mandate because he has not to represent any interests of his voters. He is acting at his own discretion.
Political offices can be governmental offices like an Interior Secretary a Minister of Agriculture or party offices like a party chairman. Over the past years more and more women are heading into political jobs, even after Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election 2017 against Donald Trump.

Mostly politicians are members of certain parties and are representing the party’s interests. The most popular parties in Germany are the “CDU”, “SPD” or “Die Grünen”. The current situation regarding the asylum policy in Germany shows that interests between politicians and parties are mostly going contrary ways because of widely differing viewpoints. The USA on the other hand has a two-party system, which consists of the Democrats and the Republicans. Both of them are providing a presidential candidate

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There are also politicians who are not members of a party and therefore are independent politicians. Joachim Gauck for example, who was the federal president of Germany from 2012 to 2017, is an independent politician.
Despite professional politicians there are also voluntary politicians who are practicing politics as a secondary profession.