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Date of birth
Aug 13, 1963 (55 years)
US Italy
Sign of the zodiac

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Sabrina Siani (born Sabrina Seggiani in Rome, 1963) is an Italian film actress. She also used pseudonyms such as Sabrina Sellers and Sabrina Syan. She starred in numerous films, mostly sexy and violent cannibal films and barbarian "sword-and-sandal" movies, and most of her films were made in a three-year period between the ages of 17 and 20. Siani retired from acting in 1989, at age 26.

Her brief career included working with some of the most famous Italian horror film directors of the time, including Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Antonio Margheriti, Joe D'Amato, Jesús Franco and Alfonso Brescia. Franco said in a recent interview that Siani's mother would always accompany her to the various shooting locations and get in the way, although she actually encouraged Franco to film her daughter naked. Franco said that Siani was the 2nd worst actress he ever worked with (next to Romina Power), and that her only real asset was her delectable derrière.

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